think about this

• We have been in the decorative concrete business since 2001, can our competition say this???


• We have un-paralleled commercial and residential experience over our competition…


• We WILL be in business in the future, will they???


• We offer a written LIFE TIME WARRANTY, do they???


• Our portfolio is levels above our competition…


• Our ONLY business is concrete and concrete surfacing, is theirs???


• We offer a complete info package prior to the start of any job, do they…


• We answer ALL questions PRIOR to the start of any job, did they???



Do you want to save a few dollars now and pay more later? They cannot stay in business “giving” their services away. This is a bad business plan and you, the customer, will ultimately pay the price. Go with the business that has been around and has the knowledge and experience for staying in business… We have all heard the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” There is a reason for this… If a business does NOT profit, they fail…You lose…

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